feature1What can you do to advance dialog about the future in your local area?

Even a small dinner and chat with friends will help.

Join the conversation on Future Day March 1st to explore the possibilities about how the future is transforming us. You can celebrate Future Day however you like, the ball is in your court — feel free to send a photo of your Future Day gatherings to info [ at ] futureday { dot } org, and your jubilation may wind up being commemorated for the future on the Future Day website and the Facebook page!

For more information on the vision behind Future Day, or to help get the new holiday off the ground, please email info [ at ] futureday { dot } org
While Future Day is intended as a general day of recognition not tied to any specific organization.

yiThe business world has been quick to implement design thinking with the lofty goal of stimulating sweeping organizational change and innovation, only to abandon it and return to old practices when it doesn’t “work.” Is foresight just a gimmick, or are people just missing the big picture?

Humanity bounds along like an overgrown adolescent: awkward, immature and prone to passionate outbursts and careless destruction. But there’s no doubt that this adolescent is growing up fast. Gradually we’re learning new habits, more rigorous reasoning, better manners and now we find ourselves on the very brink of mastering more complex knowledge. As much as we’d like to leave behind our childish tribal beliefs and superstitions, they remain a part of us, just as youthful fantasy and fairy tales still burn bright in the imagination of every individual adult. The promise and peril of humanity’s teenage years lies ahead of us. There’s no doubt that we are in for a fascinating spectacle as humanity passes from one awkward stage of development to the next. Together let’s take one day to celebrate our collective future. Let’s take this moment to laugh and enjoy the coming chaos, confusion, breakthroughs, brilliance, and breathtaking transformations that lie ahead of us. — Robert Tercek